Imagine a world where five charitable foundations work together, under one roof to accomplish a common goal.  Where information sharing is the norm and donor’s philanthropic wishes are brought to life.  Envision the ability for a donor to direct one generous gift that impacts multiple foundations and their mission?

Introducing St. Peter’s Center for Philanthropy

A revolutionary approach to supporting five of the region’s most renowned hospitals, the largest geographic footprint of hospice in New York State and a network of senior living facilities.

I welcome you to explore the vision that has been rooted in a comprehensive plan, endorsed by some of the region’s most influential and game changing philanthropists.  Individuals who are vested in the legacy we are leaving and the impact we can only make today.

As we launch our new websites for the Center for Philanthropy I am proud our leadership, donors, and board members “imagined the unimaginable.”  I hope you will take a moment to learn more about the advanced technology, the exciting projects, programs and patient lives that are impacted by the generosity of thousands of donors each year.   Imagine the difference you can make….